Main Features

Flexibility & Freedom

Total Integration

We are integrated with Mikrotik, Radius, FTTH (Huawei, KingType, OEMs), FTTH TV, 815 Servers, Satellite (Konnect Africa) and more. Simplify your technical processes using our simple and efficient platform

Cloud or Local

ISPCube can be installed in your local server or in our Cloud Service.

Block Unpaid Customers

ISPCube can block automatically your unpaid customers leaving a Captive Portal with personal and debt information.

Monthly and electronic billing.

Allowing you to bill monthly recurring services. Print, email or SMS your customers. In several countries we have fiscal electronic compliance and we print multiple barcode formats.

Payment Gateways and Banks

ISPCube integrates with main payment gateways and several Banks. Customers pay your invoice and automatically will be processed by ISPCube unblocking customer’s internet connection. Your simplest processes

Customer Portal

Your customers can view their invoices, download a PDF, make payments, ask for technical support, update personal information or view their connections usage in Gbs.

Android APP for customers

Customers will found your ISP name and logo in Google Play Store, check their invoices, payments and ask for support. Also, you can send them push notifications.

Android APP for technicians

Your technicians can check next visit. With ISPCube, you can send push message to your employee, check where there are and historical records.

Online Status for Ubiquiti CPEs

ISPCube delivers you real time information about CPE status (signal level, ccq, airmax capacity and airmax quality)

Customers notifications

ISPCube sends emails, SMS, push messages (Android APP) or web message to your customers about new prices or just pre block warnings.

Bandwidth management

ISPCube allows several bandwidth control configurations as Simple Queue, PPPoE, Hotspot, DHCP, DHCP with IP binding, PCQ, Queue Tree, Radius + DHCP, Radius + PPPoe and more.

Usage and Plan Limits.

ISPCube + Mikrotik (pppoe) + Radius allows a usage control with statistical graphics and speed limit after threshold limit reached.